Unlike many other manufacturers of floor heating manifolds offering ready-mounted manifold sets, we offer a wide range of high-quality components to make one yourself. This way you can choose the components based on requirements and establish the best possible manifold suited for the job.
The core of any manifold is the supply mounted distributor and return mounted collector. These are proved as sets. You can choose between sets with or without flow meters on the distributor and with standard or pre-setting control valves in the collector. The flow meters and pre-setting control valves help you to achieve a proper hydronic balance in the system. Thermal actuators on the control valves allow electronic room temperature control.

To establish the manifold according to requirements, accessories such as manual and automatic air vents, shut-off valves and mounting bracket complete the portfolio.

The dimensions of the manifolds and accessories perfectly match with our mixing-shunts (sold separately) to make a complete low-temperature floor heating distribution unit.